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Women in sports – Hilbert College women’s ice hockey team

Women in sports – Hilbert College women’s ice hockey team

Mercedes Wilson met up with Cole Klubek, the head women’s ice hockey coach for Hilbert College’s women’s ice hockey team.

Mercedes says we hardly ever talk about women in ice hockey and asked the coach how important is it to highlight this? Coach Klubek says, “One, the game is growing tremendously and two, it is important to remember they are athletes, not just women. So when I look at my team I’m like this is a team of strong hockey players and I think it gets lost in some other sports where it might not be treated the same but I want to make sure my players get the same respect that any other team would.”

Tia Card, goalie, for the Hilbert College’s women’s ice hockey says she’s been playing hockey for about ten years. When asked what is the most exciting part of the games for her, Tia says, “Knowing I’m going to help out my team and hopefully secure a win.” Tia also carries a 3.9 grade average.

What would Tia tell a young girl who may want to do what she does? Tia says she would say “Believe in yourself. If you think you can do chances are that you can, and yeah, have faith that everything is going to work out the way you want it to.”

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